Stephen Squinto, Ph.D.

Stephen Squinto, Ph.D., Acting Head of Research and Development

Stephen Squinto, Ph.D., has served as our Acting Head of Research and Development since January 2020, and prior to that served as our interim Chief Executive Officer from September 2018 to January 2020. Dr. Squinto has served as a member of our board of directors since September 2018. Dr. Squinto has also served as an Executive Partner at OrbiMed Advisors LLC since January 2015. Since August 2017, Dr. Squinto has also served as acting Head of Research and Development of SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company. Dr. Squinto co-founded Alexion Pharmaceuticals and from January 2012 to January 2015, he served as its Executive Vice President and Chief Global Operations Officer and from 2007 to 2012, he served as its Global Head of Research and Development. Dr. Squinto currently serves on the board of directors of SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Squinto previously served on the boards of directors of Arvinas, Inc., a pharmaceutical company, and Audentes Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company. Dr. Squinto received a B.A. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Loyola University of Chicago. We believe that Dr. Squinto is qualified to serve on our board of directors due to his experience in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, including his operational experience in drug discovery and development.